Dazzling Fireworks

Click to enlargeThe Festival of Lights is also the Festival of Firecrackers. And Jaipur has its share of talented shorgars, who have perfected the craft of making and displaying fireworks into a fine art. While weddings, private parties and public functions, sustain them the year 'round, it is during Diwali that they make a killing.

Click to enlargeCard parties are a dime a dozen prior to Diwali and quite a few hosts call their favourite aatishbaaziwala to put on a brilliant show that their guest would remember for long.

Click to enlargeOf course, with their low volumes they are unable to match the colossal Diwali demand, which is primarily met by - probably the most inflammable town in the world - Sivakasi in South India. But, old families of Jaipur still make a beeline to their favourite local haunts.

Click to enlargeThe evening puja is a traditional and solemn family affair - hey, wouldn't you be serious if you were invoking the Goddess of Wealth?! But right after the puja, it's dhoom-dhadaka time. Twinkling anaars, rockets whizzing past, dazzling fireworks exploding in the skies above... it's sheer dynamite!!!! 


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