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Spiritual Nirvaana

Also known as Teerthraj (the king of pilgrimages) and home to (probably) the only Brahma temple in the world, the little township of Pushkar is dotted with hundreds of temples.

Little wonder then, that Sadhus (the enlightened God-men of India) are a dime-a-dozen. And they descend to Pushkar in droves during the Fair... in all shapes, sizes and colours!!!

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Hindus believe that the Pushkar
Lake is as old as Creation itself.
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Holy Dip
Devotees cleansing away their
sins in the sacred lake.

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In search of Nirvaana
A no-nonsense-looks sadhu
offering his daily prayers.

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Caught Napping
A pensive bull overlooks a supine
sadhu as another picks his nose.

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Blessing or Curse?
"May you be the mother
of a thousand sons!"

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God-man or con-man?
An ash smeared Sadhu.

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Mmmm... the water's nice 'n' cool
This snapshot's been borrowed
Network's Rajasthan Diary

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The Tree of Life
Even Pushkar's trees are sacred.


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